State-of-the-art hospital call system

TECNEL alongside San Raffaele with INFORMO IP

TECNEL partners IRCSS Ospedale San Raffaele with INFORMO IP, a state-of-the-art hospital call system that enables effective communication for healthcare workers.

There are work areas where communication between departments is essential and there must be maximum efficiency on the hospital call system.

A quick and effective communication system is what enables health care workers to do their daily work in the best possible way. Each hospital has a set of dynamics that are resolved by prompt communication. L’balance between doctors, nurses, OSS, triage, is what enables the successful outcome of the healthcare, public and private. To make the management of emergencies and the search for service personnel faster and more effective,San Raffaele Hospital in Milan has also equipped itself with the INFORMO IP system, which speeds up internal communication within the facility.

TECNEL’s solutions for St. Raphael’s: a state-of-the-art hospital call system

TECNEL instruments, thanks to their transmission and reception reliability, make it possible to meet the need for a complex healthcare facility such as San Raffaele Hospital, which has more than 50 clinical specialties and 1300 beds, to have a state-of-the-art hospital call system structured to cover an area of 300000 m 2. Pager pagers managed by the INFORMO IP server make it possible to keep every health care provider updated for every eventuality: medical emergency, earthquake or fire alarm, On-call and assistance between departments.

INFORMO IP ENTERPRISE for hospital operators.

TECNEL’s proposed solution to address the important needs of the health care facility was to equip all staff with pager pagers. A light and handy device, managed by the INFORMO IP ENTERPRISE server to ensure maximum functionality and reliability.

In fact, the system is able to find alarms and receive appropriate messages throughout the entire facility, even in the parts usually less covered such as basements and dungeons. The adoption of 7 UHF transmitters ensures safe and reliable transmission and reception of radio waves. Precisely because of the sensitive nature of the healthcare environment, both the INFORMO IP server and hardware are appropriately redundant, so as to avoid any disruption even in the event of a system failure.

INFORMO IP: wireless pagers for healthcare

The high reliability of the server is then complemented by a 24-hour on-site support service, ready to intervene in case of further need. The particular version of the server makes it capable of sending messages as SMS to the given cell phones in the facility, as well as receiving calls from the phones in the facility.

This provides a single communication circuit that has various and different ways of receiving and sending, so as to avoid any disruption or unforeseen problems. The devices can be reached from any networked device through a simple Web interface, allowing constant control and monitoring by health care personnel. Corporate security was further strengthened through a recent upgrade that made INFORMO IP compliant with the Active Directory service for maximum compliance with GDPR guidelines and allowing only authenticated users to access the system.

An effective and reliable solution that enables health care personnel to work in a coordinated and safe manner, while maintaining the hospital’s high level of service at all times.

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