Call and paging solutions to coordinate staff in real time and respond to requests and alarms

In the hospitality industry, coordinating staff in real time and responding immediately and effectively to requests or alarms is the key to ensuring flawless service to the customer, without waiting and wasting time.

Our Call and Paging Solutions are perfect for hotels, restaurants, agritourisms, camping and resorts. They are suitable for small, medium or large facilities and allow you to:

  • coordinate staff effectively
  • ensure security within the facility
  • respond promptly to customer requests
  • intervene in real time in case of breakdowns or emergencies
Our systems are characterized by:
  • Enable efficient communications, thus reducing business operating costs
  • Be expandable in the future without changing the initial technological system
  • Be integrable with existing equipment and infrastructure
  • Be easy to use
  • Install immediately


Case Histories

Hotel Sassongher

At  hotel Sassongher pampered and satisfied customer!

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Hospitality Technology and fire alarm solutions

Fire alarms, of the heating system, of elevators, anomalies that our Solutions detect, alerting security and maintenance workers.

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Hospitality Solutions for coordinating staff

Call systems perfect for hotels, campgrounds and restaurants. They allow staff to contact and coordinate in real time, ensuring freedom of movement.

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