Land security

Emergency management solutions

We offer solutions to locate personnel in real time and send the alarm to the operations center.We are talking about technologies that are ideal for infrastructure personnel in hotels and large buildings, rescue teams, emergency workers in hospitals, firefighters, and co-workers who come into contact with constantly dangerous situations.

Our systems ensure the highest degree of safety for workers, even in outdoor (outdoor) areas.

Benefits achieved:
  • mobility and availability of personnel
  • immediate dispatch of any type of alert
  • reception of the alert on any type of device (operations center, pagers,
  • radio transmitters, smartphones)
  • detection of dangerous situations (e.g., man down)
  • support for isolated workers

Land security Solutions to coordinate and inform staff

The Solutions to inform, organize, and coordinate staff in real time. They receive, process and send alarms and messages in case of emergencies and technology alerts.

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Land security Technology and fire alarm solutions

Fire alarms, of the heating system, of elevators, anomalies that our Solutions detect, alerting security and maintenance workers.

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