We stand out in Healthcare for hospital communication systems: Italy’s leading Hospitals, Nursing and Rest Homes, Private Clinics, and Assisted Living Residences choose our alarm management solutions.

Pagers, DECT, handsets, nurse call and room call systems, information panels and sensors are just some of our devices that

Allow you to:

  • Manage emergencies
  • Monitor patients
  • Coordinate staff effectively
  • Ensure security within facilities.

The individual devices can be integrated with each other and offer each company, even multi-location, a single internal communication and alarm management system that

Is characterized by:

  • The ease of use
  • The immediacy of installation
  • The integrability with existing equipment and infrastructure
  • The effectiveness in meeting the needs of medical staff and patients


Case Histories

San Raffaele HOspital

TECNEL alongside San Raffaele with INFORMO IP

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Healthcare Individual protective devices

Protection system for lone worker that reduces personnel exposure to hazards and complies with legal requirements for Occupational Safety.

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Healthcare Nurse call solutions

Room terminals, keypads and pushbuttons allow nurses and physicians to manage emergency alarms and room calls.

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Healthcare Disoriented Patients Solutions

Technology devices for Hospitals and Nursing Homes that detect and locate unauthorized exit attempts of patients with disorienting diseases, such as Alzheimer's.

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Healthcare Medical staff coordnation solutions

Call and paging systems to inform, organize and coordinate staff, doctors and nurses in real time.

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Healthcare Technology and fire alarm solutions

Fire alarms, of the heating system, of elevators, anomalies that our Solutions detect, alerting security and maintenance workers.

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