Nurse call solutions

To manage emergency alarms and room calls

These Solutions allow nursing staff to manage emergency alarms and calls from patients’ rooms.

They consist of different mobile or fixed devices, such as room terminals, keyboards and push-buttons, which allow the automatic activation of emergency alerts and requests for intervention by patients. Reports are presented on synoptic panels, displays in the hallway, DECT handsets and smartphones supplied to doctors and nurses.

Needs and Advantages:
  • Immediate response to alarms and calls
  • Supervise any alert, even from multiple locations
  • Ensuring safety and protection
  • Compile reports and history of the interventions performed
  • Effective coordination of staff
  • Offer a quality service
  • Increase the reputation and brand equity of the structure
Our Selection:

SECOM – ROOM CALL SYSTEM DIN VDE 0834Secom i-Call is a nurse call system that can improve communication between patients and staff.

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ROOM CALL SYSTEMThe system that handles room call alarms, integrating with the existing infrastructure.

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