Naval and Nautical

Personnel coordination and safety solutions in cruise: Ships, Yachts and Platforms

INFORMO IP OCEAN is a system that can manage the various alarms and/or alerts on board and report them on the move.
It natively integrates a radio transmitter* capable of sending messages to both pagers and DMR two-way radios via the typical slit radiating cable found in marine environments.

*Motorola DM440E transmitter not included in scope of supply: to be purchased separately.

Markets targeted:

Naval and Nautical Offshore

Emergency management. Staff coordination. Structural alarms. Lone worker protection

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Naval and Nautical Yacht

Staff coordination. Guest reception and customer care. Technology alarms and security. Fire alarms

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Naval and Nautical Cruise

Service calls. Personnel management. Fire alarms. Man-Down and emergencies

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