Technology and fire alarm solutions

To send alarms and detect plant faults

Fire alarm, heating shutdown, air-conditioning locks, elevators down?

Thanks to our Solutions it is possible to detect anomalies of any system, receive the alarm and promptly restore the full efficiency of the system.

Sensors and contacts are located on the equipment, which are monitored and connected to the fire control panel. 

They identify the failure and send in real time the alert to pagers, smartphones, tablets, DECT laptops and PCs supplied to the security and maintenance personnel.

The alert may come from several sources such as:

  • Modbus standard devices and/or SCADA/PLC systems
  • Centrale Notifier
  • Alarm contacts
  • Other inputs (see INPUT MODULES section)
Needs and Advantages:
  • Manage technology and fire alarms with a single platform
  • Ensure the efficiency of the structure
  • Avoid temporary cessation of activities or services
  • Offering quality services
  • Get a complete and always searchable report of events and emergencies
  • Record and store process quality data (e.g. refrigerator temperature recording) over a long period
The Perfect Product:

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