The Input Devices integrated with Informo IP.

Informo IP is a flexible and modular system, which adapts to the technological infrastructure present at the company headquarters. It integrates with the devices in use and, cause of its licensing-based structure, allows you to add new input modules in case of future needs.

The connection to the equipment already in operation is direct if they use a connection on a LAN network (e.g. telephone exchange IP – SIP Trunk) or through appropriate interface devices that can adapt to what is present (e.g. ESPA nurse call 4.4.4 – via LAN/RS232-485 interface).

The notification can be sent in any mode, depending on how supported by the device intended to receive it: for example, it can be a simple text (in the case of pagers) or a telephone call scanned in Italian (Text to Speech).

Directly sending messages by users:
  • Telephone Call – TN TEL – TN TEL VoIP
  • WEB Navigation – TN WEB
Sending messages from local devices:
  • Nurse call systems – TN ESPA
  • Alarm contacts – TN CNTR
  • ModBus Protocol – PLC Devices (or equivalent) – TN MODBUS MASTER
  • Customer Created Application SW – TN OPENARMS
  • DECT handsets for lone worker protection (PPE) – TN MD
  • Connection to RS232-485 Printer Port – TN PRINT
  • Accesses control for disoriented patients – TN PROTEGGO
Different Informo IP input modules:
  • ESPA nurse call systems 4.4.4
  • N.O.-N.C. type alarm contacts.
  • ModBus protocol – PLC devices or equivalent
  • MICROCALL room call system
  • Customer-created application SW
  • DECT handsets for the protection of lone workers (PPE)
  • Connection to RS232-485 printer port
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