The information panel that displays Informo IP alarms

The Talk Panel displays the alarm statuses generated by Informo IP input devices on a 24-inch LED LCD monitor.

The alerts are represented with high-visibility, coloured icons that can be read up to five meters away and differentiated by priority.

The Talk Panel can also generate a sound alarm of different intensities depending on the time slot in which it is broadcast.

In standby condition, it displays the date/time and can be used for digital signage functions like conveying advertising messages, welcome screens, etc.

The Talk Panel is installed on a wall, VESA bracket, or tabletop.

Features and Advantages:
  • Programming management via UC-IP central unit
  • Can display up to six alarms simultaneously (max 54 with auto scroll)
  • Standby screen saver function with Date/Time
  • Digital Signage function on standby
  • Customizable alarm sounds via UC-IP
  • Sound alarm diversified by alarm priority
  • Programmable sound intensity over three time slots
  • Displays connection anomalies
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