At Hotel Sassongher pampered and satisfied customer

TECNEL improves tourism and hospitality with INFORMO IP

At Hotel Sassongher pampered and satisfied customer: TECNEL improves tourism and hospitality with INFORMO IP

In the tourism industry hospitality and services are key aspects of satisfying and retaining customers. TECNEL WIRELESS COMMUNICATION presents a solution to make staff calling more efficient.

The golden rule for tourism is always the same: the customer is always right. Accommodation facilities need staff who are always available and efficient to accommodate the needs of their guests. This is to provide the highest quality service, which is essential to customer satisfaction and loyalty. And a loyal clientele is the fifth essence of tourism, the base on which then new people eager to experience that very pleasure and comfort will always be attracted.

As much inhospitality as in room or kitchen service, having staff on hand at all times is therefore crucial. Speed and efficiency in meeting the customer’s request are essential. The distances to be covered, multiple tasks, and volume of work, however, often make it difficult to accomplish all the necessary tasks. That’s why TECNEL has patented the INFORMO IP system with its pager pagers, to be supplied as equipment to janitors in facilities. Hotel Sassongher has adopted this simple and functional solution, improving work quality and customer experience in one fell swoop.

Hotel Sassongher: tourism and hospitality thanks to INFORMO IP

A simple guesthouse in Corvara has become a hotel of luxury and comfort in a charming and dreamy location. Fresh mountain air, Ladin and South Tyrolean culture to ensure warmth and folklore, attention and customer care always in the foreground. The Pescosta family, which has owned the facility for more than 70 years, has focused on improving customer service by making the management and organization of service staff more efficient.

To do this, it relied on technology from TECNEL, particularly the new INFORMO IP system web interface. By equipping each hotel worker with a pager pager managed by the INFORMO IP system, it is indeed possible to have effective and direct quick communications. In this way, the paging of service personnel is always efficient, enabling the needs of all guests to be met.

INFORMO IP for tourist hospitality

The TECNEL paging system is set up to send short, clear messages through which management can give precise directions to all workers. From the computer at the reception desk, all necessary information can be provided so that staff can be instructed and informed at the right time and in the right place. Being able to set and save standard messages makes it easier and faster to find personnel and perform the required work. Two operations that, accomplished quickly and efficiently, will make the customer feel satisfied and pampered. A feeling of widespread well-being that is essential for an accommodation facility, enabling it to improve its working system in an ever-changing industry such as tourism.

Sassongher Hotel’s success confirms TECNEL as an ideal solution for tourism

Customer loyalty is the basis of tourism work: a satisfied customer will be inclined to return where he or she has had a good time, as well as to recommend the hotel to friends and acquaintances. INFORMO IP improves the quality of service provided, including overcominglogistical barriers that can sometimes hinder the work of staff. Messages sent with such a system, in fact, are highly reliable: the receptivity is maximum since it occurs through radio waves that penetrate even underground and basements, where telephone and satellite signals struggle to reach.

The ability to reach staff anytime, anywhere is the key to hospitality and tourism for truly efficient service. The director of the Sassongher Hotel says he is satisfied with the system adopted, acknowledging its reliability and effectiveness: “adopting the TECNEL system has allowed us to be more efficient and quicker in responding to our guests’ needs.” In tourism, speed and reliability are important to satisfy guests, and with INFORMO IP it is easier: “for our customers it is important to have an immediate response to their needs so that the hotel maintains a image of high efficiency and reliability: essential for building customer loyalty.”

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