Logistics management in Coca-Cola HBC Italy: the TECNEL pager pager with INFORMO IP system.

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Behind Coca-Cola HBC Italy’s logistics management is an efficient and functional resource system.

Every large enterprise has behind it a meticulous and systematic organization of its processes. Especially in distribution and import/export, logistical efficiency and reliability are the main features. Having a management system to constantly monitor personnel, materials, and transportation is the basis from which to organize all work.

Evidence of this comes directly from Coca-Cola HBC Italia, the leading producer and distributor of The Coca-Cola Company branded products in the country. In fact, the ubiquity and success of Coca-Cola products in our country are not only due to their unmistakable taste, but also to the logistics management of Coca-Cola HBC Italia, which has created a reliable and efficient logistics system. In Italy, beverage replenishment and transportation is aided by the adoption of INFORMO IP technology, TECNEL’s flagship product.

What is INFORMO IP and how does it work?

For any business in the distribution sector, transportation is the heart of the work, especially in the loading and unloading phases. Once the initial and final moments are optimally managed, delivery and sorting take place easily and quickly.

INFORMO IP makes it possible to optimize precisely these steps, thus speeding up and improving the entire deployment. It is a multidevice, multi-access platform that informs, organizes and coordinates personnel involved in loading and unloading activities. It affects both carriers and warehouse managers, as well as custodial and supervisory workers. INFORMO IP, in fact, connects to all alarm and notification devices allowing alert messages to be forwarded to every mobile device and output receptor. This allows covering distances quickly, managing time and contingencies, and also monitoring the progress of operations.

INFORMO IP for logistics management at Coca-Cola HBC Italy

How has INFORMO IP contributed to the success of large-scale distribution? Very simply by improving its logistical management and sensitive phases. In fact, TECNEL has equipped each driver with a portable pager capable of receiving messages through the INFORMO IP system.

This way the heavy distribution vehicles do not create traffic in the loading and unloading bays, but wait in an outdoor parking lot. From the guardhouse, drivers are informed of free slots to enter and quickly and efficiently accomplish the loading or unloading of goods. All also with pre-set templates and multilingual messages, ideal for foreign drivers. This is to reduce waiting times and especially to improve the movement of heavy vehicles, which could be quite difficult and confusing in the arrival bays.

INFORMO IP, the multitasking server from TECNEL

The loading and unloading phases are not the only areas of focus for INFORMO IP. In fact, this interface also represents the communication and warning system in case of alarm. It also allows notification of any critical issues or material shortages, automatically alerting employees.

Functional and logistical efficiency is accompanied by a quality-price-longevity ratio that is unparalleled. The TECNEL pager is in fact an inexpensive and long-lived device that is sure to be reliable for many years. The confirmation comes from Coca-Cola HBC Italy Logistics Manager Antonino Leonello himself: “The adoption of TECNEL systems has allowed us to be more efficient and save internal resources. The use of a single server to oversee the different services has enabled cost optimization.” This is compounded by the product’s remarkable durability, which, once properly installed, requires very few subsequent interventions. “Costs are also reduced due to the high reliability of the system, which-installed for the first time in 2011-has seen the need for intervention only 7 years later in 2018.”

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