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Case Histories Logistics management in Coca-Cola HBC Italy: the TECNEL pager pager with INFORMO IP system.

Behind Coca-Cola HBC Italy’s logistics management is an efficient and functional resource system. Every large enterprise has behind it a meticulous and systematic organization of its processes. Especially in distribution and import/export, logistical efficiency and …

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Case Histories At Hotel Sassongher pampered and satisfied customer

At Hotel Sassongher pampered and satisfied customer: TECNEL improves tourism and hospitality with INFORMO IP In the tourism industry hospitality and services are key aspects of satisfying and retaining customers. TECNEL WIRELESS COMMUNICATION presents a …

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Case Histories State-of-the-art hospital call system

TECNEL partners IRCSS Ospedale San Raffaele with INFORMO IP, a state-of-the-art hospital call system that enables effective communication for healthcare workers. There are work areas where communication between departments is essential and there must be …

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