Solutions to manage incoming and outgoing vehicles

To facilitate the movement of vehicles

We designed an integrated system of pagers and sensors to facilitate the movement of vehicles and manage communication with drivers. Ideal for manufacturing and logistics companies.

How it works

The person in charge sends information to drivers regarding when and to which loading/unloading port to head easily, through different input forms (e.g., web page, phone call) and to multiple output devices (pagers, smartphones, DECT handsets).

The Solution also includes the ability to send messages directly from the enterprise IT system to the Informo IP central unit, via an easy-to-integrate communication protocol (ref. TN OPENARMS license)

Needs met and benefits achieved:
  • Efficient management of vehicles and the entire loading/unloading process
  • Reduced waiting time
  • Automation and supervision of the hauler management process
  • Improved personnel management
  • Ability to compile reports and histories on internal vehicle circulation
Perfect products:

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