Tecnel is a Technology Partner of ARIS (Religious Association of Social and Health Institutes).

The goal of the partnership is to promote the development of Italian healthcare institutions through the introduction of innovative healthcare technologies

Introduce Innovative Technology Solutions in health and social care facilities associated with
to make internal processes more efficient: this is the goal Tecnel aims to achieve through the partnership signed with the Association.

A collaboration that stems from the common intent of Tecnel and ARIS to promote the development of Italian healthcare institutions to enable them to better meet the health needs of patients.

In fact, since 1965, Tecnel has been the market leader in Healthcare for mobility solutions: Hospitals, Nursing and Rest Homes choose Tecnel technology to manage emergencies immediately, monitor patients without invading their privacy, coordinate staff effectively, and ensure security within the facility.

For more than four decades, ARIS has been the private association of facilities operating on a not-for-profit basis in thenational social and health care sector: these provide 26,000 beds and care for 10,000 patients in the Italian semiresidential and outpatient area. The medical and paramedical staff under it exceeds 50,000.

As a result of the partnership agreement, ARIS facilities can receive advice from Tecnel on how to increase guest safety and security and make their staff’s operations more efficient while reducing operating costs. All through the introduction of advanced technology systems that manage nurse calls and alarms.

They can also make use of a highly qualified Partner who, having identified the specific needs of each facility, will create a customized design and take care of the supply and installation of the solution. For a turnkey offering.

Still: ARIS facilities benefit from a Partner, Tecnel, which is Spectralink certified, among the World Leaders in dect telephony, and is able to offer maintenance and support throughout the entire product life cycle.

Benefits of Tecnel solutions include:
  • Obtain detailed reports on activities and emergencies
  • Constantly monitor the safety of guests
  • Coordinate specialized personnel
  • Promptly respond to calls and alarms
  • Reduce costs and operations

Tecnel systems adapt to pre-existing equipment and facilities, reducing costs and operations; they handle all types of alarms (room call, disoriented guests, intrusion detection, fire detection, technology alarms) by sending notifications to dect (voice and SMS), cell phones, smartphones/Tablets (via dedicated App), pager, synoptic panel, e-mail.

Any activity is expedited, monitored and recorded. The Medical Director can then obtain detailed reports of the events that have occurred and protect himself if necessary.


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