Health care facilities: the solution for the safety of Alzheimer’s patients

Monitoring residents with disorienting illnesses in nursing homes and hospitals

The service that health care facilities must provide to patients with disorienting diseases, such asAlzheimer‘s, for example, is certainly time-consuming at least in terms of the attention and time to be devoted to these people.

Their continuous and intelligent, albeit noninvasive and privacy-friendly, monitoring is essential, both to ensure efficient service toward the patient and to protect health care personnel, including from a legal point of view.

So how to offer safety and quality without increasing costs?

Tecnel has developed a specific system that integrates sensors, paging devices, and nurse calls and enables:

  • Constantly monitor patients,
  • Immediately identify suspicious removals or dangerous situations
  • Send the alarm and request real-time help from medical personnel
  • Have the history of the incident and intervention (place, date, time, patient and operator identification) and use it in case of disputes or questionable situations.
The advantages of the Tecnel solution?
  • Modular and customizable system
  • Use and adaptation even on existing technologies
  • Internal communications at no cost
  • Comprehensive and always searchable reporting

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