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Industry 4.0|Smart Healthcare|Smart Tourism|Technology Talk App: manage alarms and internal communications with an app

It is now possible to manage internal alarms and communications by installing an app on smartphones and tablets already in use by staff. It will be possible to inform, coordinate and intervene in case of …

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Non categorizzato|Smart Healthcare|Technology Health care facilities: the solution for the safety of Alzheimer’s patients

The service that health care facilities must provide to patients with disorienting diseases, such asAlzheimer‘s, for example, is certainly time-consuming at least in terms of the attention and time to be devoted to these people. …

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Smart Healthcare Microcall, the most effective and economical room calling device

Tecnel offers health care facilities (Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Rest Homes) an unparalleled call answering service for Patients’ calls for help at a very low cost, up to 75% less than competing solutions. In fact, …

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Smart Healthcare Tecnel is a Technology Partner of ARIS (Religious Association of Social and Health Institutes).

Introduce Innovative Technology Solutions in health and social care facilities associated with ARIS to make internal processes more efficient: this is the goal Tecnel aims to achieve through the partnership signed with the Association. A …

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