The app to receive messages and alarms via Wi-Fi on smartphones and tablets

Talk App is the service in Tecnel’s Talk series for smartphones and tablets, on the Android platform, which allows users to receive event notifications from the Informo IP system by downloading the relevant application on their mobile device.

Instant messaging is handled by Informo IP, which sends messages to Talk App through the Wi-Fi network. If necessary and the user is off-site, through the Internet. However, the service remains active even when there is no connection.

Talk App, running in background mode, allows the smartphone to be used for normal activities. It signals the arrival of messages through audio notifications, vibration patterns, and colour LED lighting.

The application can be installed on devices already in use by staff, such as tablets used to manage medical records or smartphones used for internal communication.

Features and Avdantages:
  • The user receives an alert within the area covered by the Wi-Fi radio signal while on the move. They can confirm the reading of the message to inform the central unit that the alert was received
  •  The user can view the history of the last received messages and those that are no longer active. This allows for timely reporting for each stage of the event and enables follow-up activities on the service provided even months later
  • The acoustic mode can be customized by time slots, blocking it during the night or evening shift, and activating the vibration-only
  • The use of the local Wi-Fi network as a communication channel simplifies the system architecture and allows one smartphone and/or tablet PC device to be used for all work activities
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