The telephony solution that integrates analog with SIP / VoIP for medium and large enterprises

Spectralink IP-DECT Server 8000 provides in a combined way a highly scalable analog and/or SIP VoIP interfacing that suits the needs of medium and large enterprises.

It offers a seamless migration that can be done immediately or gradually, in accordance with the changes and needs of the Customer. Therefore, it represents a future-proof investment.

Features and Pluses
  • Has space for 1 CPU board up to a maximum of 8 interface boards
  • Up to 8 servers can be linked together, for a total of 64 interface card slots
  • Appropriately equipped, it also supports IP antennas
  • Low power consumption
  • GUI web management program that includes various analysis tools, statistics and error detection
  • Advanced messaging features and lone worker protection through Informo IP system
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