Analog and IP DECT Infrastructure

Spectralink DECT Hybrid Server Solutions

Spectralink DECT modular and flexible server solutions provide high-quality voice communication for both small businesses and companies with up to 4,096 phones.

Needs and Benefits.
  • Allow for customization by adding Spectralink DECT base stations and/or
  • Spectralink DECT repeaters
  • Some servers have built-in wireless base functionality to reduce overall deployment costs
  • Interact with a wide range of PBX interfaces
  • Several frequency options are available for various markets around the world

Analog and IP DECT Infrastructure SPECTRALINK IP DECT SERVER 8000

Spectralink IP DECT Server 8000 is the analog and/or SIP-VoIP telephony solution suitable for medium and large-sized companies.

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