The Spectralink S37 Series DECT handset

The S37 series phone, like the previous S35 model, features bothexcellent voice quality and an advanced messaging service that allows all workers to be informed in real time about any reports, emergencies or alerts.

Like the previous version, it has a robust design, in particular, with the S37 model it is possible to monitor personnel working in environments of lonely work, detecting possible alarm states: Man Down (man down), No Movement (no motion detected), tearing the lanyard and manually pressing the alarm button.

S37 also provides integration with all UCaaS platforms (Microsoft Teams, Zoom Phone, Cisco, Ring Central).

The S37 model is therefore particularly suitable for all those unmanned work environments or particularly hazardous work situations, such as High Risk Industries where the worker is exposed to various hazards.

Features and benefits:
  • Personal security alarm management
  • Rugged and durable design
  • Bluetooth connector and speakerphone
  • LED flashlight functionality
  • Integration with any UCaaS platform
  • IP67 degree of protection

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