Solutions to manage machinery

To be informed in real time about the operating status of machinery

To be informed in real time about the operating status of machinery: thanks to Tecnel Solutions, staff are alerted in real time if sensors detect any kind of equipment failure. The system automatically processes the alarm and sends it to the personnel on duty at that time.

Reporting can come from a variety of sources such as :

  • ModBus standard devices and/or SCADA/PLC systems.
  • Notifier Control Panels
  • Alarm contacts
  • Other inputs (see section INPUT MODULES)

The alarm is received by any communication device chosen by the company (Dect, smartphones, tablets, LCD panels, pagers, etc.), staff can then receive the information in various forms such as voice (text-to-speech), SMS, email, text and graphic message, etc.

Information is carried at zero cost, even in the absence of an Internet connection (excluding costs related to communication channels outside the system)

Needs and Benefits:
  • H24 supervision of machinery
  • Efficient plant management
  • Sending diversified reports based on staff shifts (on-call management)
  • Escalating alarm signaling
  • Control of production systems
  • Waste reduction
  • Optimization of staff deployment
  • Immediate intervention in case of anomalies
  • Internal communications at no cost

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