Manage your vehicles and warehouse with Tecnel’s Logistics & Transportation solutions

Integrated paging and sensor systems to streamline vehicle circulation and pallet loading zones

Tecnel has designed two integrated paging and sensor systems specifically for Logistics and Transportation companies: they facilitate the movement of incoming and outgoing vehicles and allow pallet loading areas to be replenished without wasting time. They have low costs, are of immediate implementation, and are customizable and scalable, based on the Client’s current and future needs.


The solution for managing vehicles coordinates drivers through the use of pagers: automated and intelligent alerts inform staff in real time about when they need to move and to which loading/unloading port they should head.

Tecnel’s solution for managing the warehouse avoids the constant coming and going of forklift drivers to replenish pallet loading zones: sensors detect when these need to be replenished, immediately alerting warehouse workers. That meanwhile they can take care of other activities and know exactly when and to which pallet area to head.

The benefits are numerous because Tecnel systems:
  • are inexpensive, reliable, and immediate return;
  • are user-friendly, customizable, and non-invasive (can integrate with existing technological equipment);
  • ensure the readiness and efficiency of the process;
  • Reduce wasted time;
  • They optimize the work of staff.

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