The portable device for sending the alarm

The TSLP handheld transmitter consists of a radio frequency transmitter and two microcontrollers that realize the functions required by the security system.

It is available in two variants:

  • TSLP/A – Send an alarm in automatic and manual mode (Man Down).
  • TSLP – Send manual alarm only

When in alarm, the transmitter emits a radio signal that is instantly received by the decoder: this broadcasts a loud audible alert and indicates the code associated with the worker who requested assistance.

The signal is generated manually or automatically when a tilt greater than 45° is detected and the pre-alarm phase (Man Down) has elapsed.

False alerts in automatic mode are prevented by shrewd management of the process, as well as by the worker himself being able to re-establish the safe condition before the alert is sent.

The transmitter is equipped with a sophisticated self-diagnostic system that cyclically checks the proper functioning of internal sensors and battery level. In case of problems, it emits an optical-acoustic warning that facilitates device recovery.

The CPT1 table stand ensures the upright position of the transmitter when not in use (accessory not supplied as standard).

Features and Advantages:
  • Closed system with independent signaling from other systems
  • No operating costs
  • Ease of use
  • Small size and weight
  • Spring clip to facilitate wearability
  • ABS shockproof cabinet
  • Ultra low power consumption
  • Self-diagnostics on battery level and radio transmitter operation
  • 433Mhz radio frequency band
Technical characteristics:
Power supply : No. 3 Alkaline LR1 batteries
Battery life (stand-by) > 2 years
Frequency of operation 433.175 MHz
Radiated power +10 dBm
Operating temperature -20 +60 C°
Dimensions (WxHxD) mm 60 x 110 x 18 (excluding antenna)
Antenna length 65 mm
Weight < 100 gr

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