The Spectralink S35 Series DECT Handset

The S35 series handset, in addition to providing particularly reliable voice communication, is equipped with an advanced messaging service that enables every mobile worker to be in close contact with colleagues and to be immediately informed about any reports, emergencies or alerts.

It has a large color display that facilitates its use and integration with various UCaaS platforms (Microsoft Teams, Zoom Phone, Cisco, Ring Central).

The S35 has a high degree of robustness that ensures its use in the harshest working environments. The programmable button for sending manual alarms and personal protection of workers is also implemented.

The S35 phone has a slightly larger size and weight, compared to the S33 model, to accommodate a high-capacity battery and ensure a more robust chasis.

It can be used in various vertical markets, especially in the harshest working environments, such as manufacturing companies, where the robustness of the S35 model ensures its greater resistance to shocks and falls.

Features and benefits:
  • Advanced messaging service
  • Programmable side alarm button
  • Bluetooth, hands-free and noise cancellation
  • Can be used by operators equipped with gloves
  • Integration with any UCaaS platform
  • IP65 degree of protection

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