The telephony solution that integrates analog with SIP / VoIP for small and medium-sized businesses

Spectralink DECT Server 2500 is a flexible add-on solution equipped with CPU board and three interface boards. The flexible design makes it ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises as a solution that can grow and develop along with the company.

Allows analog, SIP VoIP, or a combination analog and telephone SIP VoIP interfacing. If at any time the Customer wishes to migrate to a complete SIP VoIP solution, simply change the interface card.

Features and Pluses
  • Stable Linux-based system and fast access to standard protocols.
  • Up to 150 wireless users with VoIP interface
  • Up to 32 wireless users with analog interface
  • Up to 16 simultaneous calls per analog interface card
  • Up to 32 simultaneous calls per media resource (G.711)
  • Up to 8 base stations per card
  • Up to 3 Spectralink repeaters per base station
  • High quality and secure voice communications
  • GUI web management program that includes various analysis tools, statistics and error detection
  • Advanced messaging features and lone worker protection through Informo IP system

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