Anti-leakage bracelet with indoor tracking

SMILE-ID is a washable, sanitizable wristband with a tear-resistant strap option that can notify unauthorized movement by patients. Detects access to unpermitted areas or gates. It has an IP67 rating that ensures its resistance to dust and liquids.

SMILE-ID, gray in color, is equipped with an RFID circuit that is activated by the magnetic fields created in the areas controlled by the D-POS II device to send location information. Its implementation in the INFORMO IP system enables its advanced alarm management features as well as a daily check on proper functionality and battery level thus ensuring active control of the SMILE-ID wristband.

Technical specifications:

Dimensions 34 x 42 x 15 mm
Weight (including battery) 14 g
Frequency 869.2 MHz Category 1
Transmission power 869.2 MHz 10 mW (EIRP)
RFID Frequency 125 kHz
Battery Type CR2430 (Lithium)
Battery life (average) > 5 years
IP rating IP67
CEI regulations. EN 50134-2 Class 1
Operating temperature +5°C to +55°C

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