The solution to protect the lone worker

It is the technological solution to reduce lone worker exposure to hazards and comply with legal requirements for Occupational Safety (M.D. 388 of 15/07/03 art 2 paragraph 5 and by Leg. 81/08).

Safe allows the voluntary sending, by the worker, of the alarm to the operations center to report a danger, an accident, an illness. Or, in case it detects an abnormal position of the user, Sicuro automatically activates the alarm and informs the security personnel in real time (man-down alarm). Thus ensuring immediate relief.

Needs and Benefits:
  • Adaptation to Legislative Decree. 81/08 according to the principle of “maximum technologically feasible safety
  • Identify dangerous situations (ex. man down)
  • Identify and support isolated workers
    Provide an anti-aggression personal safety tool
  • Decoder
  • Fixed and portable receiver

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