Radio signal receiving unit from portable devices

The RSLP receiver detects the radio signal from the TSLP handheld transmitter supplied to lone workers and sends it to one or more DE10LP decoders for decoding and alerting. It is particularly suitable in large areas where transmitter and receiver are far apart.

It works in conjunction with a high-gain UHF antenna mounted on top of a pole installed in an appropriate location to ensure the best reception of the radio signal. The antenna is connected to the receiver by a 15m-long RG213 low-loss coaxial cable. The connection with the DE10 decoder is made with a standard twisted pair or CAT5 cable.

Features and Pluses
  • High sensitivity of radio signal
  • 433Mhz radio frequency band
Technical characteristics:
Power supply 12Vdc (with 220Vac/12Vdc wall adapter)
Power consumption < 6 watts
Frequency of operation 433.175 MHz
Sensitivity -115 dBm
RF connector BNC
DE10LP output connector Screw clamp
Operating temperature -20 +60 C°
Dimensions (WxHxD) mm 170 x 75 x 160
Weight < 500 gr

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