The PC-based paging system

Trovo IP is the next-generation paging system: it allows text messages (SMS) to be sent to all portable receivers via a service-enabled PC connected to the network via LAN.

It is ideal for medium- to large-scale tourism businesses that base their service on communication among staff; it is also used in residences and apartment buildings for “janitor service” rather than in Religious Institutions, Schools, Hospitals and Nursing Homes, Logistics&Transportation companies.

Features and Advantages:
  • Minimal infrastructure and zero call costs
  • Mobility, organization, efficient and immediate information among staff within the operational area
  • Ease of use
  • Allows SMS to be sent to all handsets in the system from a service-enabled PC connected over LAN
  • Allows management of two alarms (e.g., night call, room alarm, elevator lock)
  • Control and monitoring of safety in the work area
  • Wide coverage area

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