Wireless wrist transmitter

Erik is CareTech’s wireless wrist transmitter that features functionality and ease of use. The transponder has two buttons: one operates the alarm signal(service call), and the other has several other functions such as activating the assault alarm, calling specialized personnel, or the intrusion alarm.

It is equipped with automatic monitoring in order to ensure that the system operates within the set range.

Erik can be worn around the neck, on the wrist, as a pendant, or in the pocket, complete with the kit with band and locking clip. It allows even people with difficulty using their hands to sound the alarm with ease.

Features and Pluses
  • Design that ensures maximum stability and easy battery replacement
  • LEDs indicating transmission and battery operation
  • Lithium battery for long life
  • Product water resistance
  • Two separate buttons assigned to specific functions
  • Five different function profiles provided as standard: service alarm, assault alarm, personal service call button, and alarm reset/reset
  • Automatic battery monitoring and function. The recipient of the alarm signal is alerted in case of failure.
  • Alarm transmitter and position identity
  • Alarm for dependent patient
  • RFID transponders

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