The bracelet to protect disoriented guests

CareTech’s Elvis is the wristband that provides care staff with access to information about the location of the caregiver who has triggered the alarm, and fires the alert when the patient leaves the supervised area. The transponder matches the Caretech solution for disoriented guests Gustav.

Whenever the attendant crosses the active zone near an RFID beacon, Elvis records his position and transmits it directly or by pressing a button. This makes it possible to quickly pinpoint the location of the person who triggered the alarm, determining immediate action.

Elvis is designed to be worn around the neck, on the wrist as a pendant or in the pocket, complete with the band kit and clasp clip.

Features and Advantages
  • Sending alarm and patient location
  • Design aimed at better stability
  • Lithium battery for longer life
  • The battery can be easily removed and replaced without compromising the water resistance of the device
  • Two separate buttons: one for alarm, the other to signal presence or reset function
  • Monitoring

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