RFID tracking transmitter

D-POS II is the transmitting device designed to monitor doors and gates, ideal for creating a secure, flexible and easily manageable perimeter in order to control access and prevent the unwanted escape or exit of patients from the medical institutions where they are admitted.

D-POS II enables the control of small or large gates through the use of different types of antennas such as:

  • Loop cable to be placed at the outlet;
  • D-POS-ANT ferrite antenna to be placed above or beside the input;
  • LOOP KIT and coiled cable to be buried or concealed near large entrances (e.g., gates or driveways) .

Implementation in the INFORMO IP system enables its advanced device management features through continuous monitoring of device status and antenna connection.

Technical specifications:

Power supply 12-28 Vdc, 1.6 A
Dimensions 86 x 86 x 26 mm
Weight 85 g
Alarm contact output NO
Input NO – NC

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