Solutions for interactive and collaborative presentations

To revolutionize the way of presenting and enhancing the message conveyed

Conduct presentations in a highly scenic, natural and effective manner. Thanks to our interactive “Theater” solutions, today this is possible whether it’s for corporate meetings, events, conferences aimed at the general public. Theater systems revolutionize the way we present and enhance the message to be conveyed, maximizing comprehension and keeping the audience’s attention high.

In what way?

Theater software is installed on

  • Videowall;
  • Multi-touch tables;
  • Portable touch devices;
  • Screens;
  • Touch consoles of various sizes;

And enables viewing and management of any multimedia file (video, images, renderings, Word documents, Excel, .pdf, etc.). The person who leads the presentation decides at the same time he or she is speaking what content to show, what concepts to emphasize, and with whom to share it.

Theater does, in fact, make this content “alive”: that is, the speaker, with just the touch of the fingers, can:

  • Overwrite them, enlarge them,
  • Reduce them, mix them with other files,
  • Send them to the public,
  • color them,
  • highlight them,
  • transform them.

It can emphasize the presentation with gestures and movement, as if it were an actor: Theater can be installed on multiple stations in one room, and from there any media file can be managed and viewed.

Thus disappears the presenter’s station “in the chair,” fixed near his personal computer. A new corporate presentation concept is born, which is transformed into a real show.

Needs and Benefits:
  • Presentation and exploration of multimedia content through a natural and innovative approach
  • Text, image and video sharing and interaction among people
  • Turnkey solution: immediate installation and use
  • Ability to integrate with Client’s systems and technologies
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface

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